Social Security

A Tough Social Security Decision

Zacc Call

A Tough Social Security Decision

Jeff & Brenda are faced with a life-changing Social Security decision.  They could spend $133K of their $200K retirement savings within the first 4 years of retirement in order to get $15K more per year for the rest of their life from Social Security. What would you do?  

You’ve spent your whole life paying into your Social Security Benefit. This episode explains the strategies that can help you get the absolute most back, in your retirement. Zacc explains the basics of social security, his thoughts on how it will continue in the future and how to plan spousal benefits and delayed filing for your benefit. Listen to an example of a real couple, who may be in the same position as you, and how they could maximize their income by using only a few simple strategies. Find out how you could do the same.

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