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Taxes: It's Not What You Earn But What You Keep

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Wealth planning and tax planning go hand-in-hand. Strategic tax planning should be an integral and ongoing part of your overall wealth management strategy. Effective strategies can help you reduce your tax liability, optimize income, and efficiently transfer wealth to loved ones and charities. Through proactive analysis, we will identify tax strategies tailored to your specific goals.  

How It Works

Seek To Understand

Through comprehensive planning meetings we work with you to fully understand your current and future tax situation.

Build The Plan

We develop a tax planning strategy, which may include consulting with your CPA or tax professional, by preparing a personalized tax plan outlining ideas best suited to your goals and needs.

Execute The Plan

Most importantly, we execute the strategies you wish to implement as opposed to making suggestions and sending you on your way. 

Answer a few simple questions

The first consultation will provide many neccessary answers
Tell us a bit about yourself, including your financial situation and goals.

Meeting your advisor

A personalized experience

Upon learning more about your financial goals in the first consultation we will be able to place you with an advisor and support team that best fits your needs. Your advisor is selected based on life status, your preferences, investment goals and the specializations that will help you most!

A structured path

A tailored game plan for financial success

Your team will tailor your financial plan to suit your needs; taking into account your goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance. Your team is dedicated to constructing a plan that aligns with all the facets of your specific financial situation..

A constant guide

Our advisors are always available

As your situation evolves, your team will be able to help you with every area of your finances within our network. Whether it be connecting you with a CPA, an estate attorney, or a Medicare specialist.

Financial success

Constant improvement

Our network includes a vast range of products and services in the market, which means we can shop around for the tools that best fit your unique needs. Your financial success is in great hands!

What Makes Us Different

Tax Planning Expertise For Any Season

We do tax planning for individuals, families, business owners, professionals and executives. From simply helping to identify Roth conversion opportunities to the complexity of donating business assets to a charitable fund; proper tax planning will benefit you in more ways than one.
  • Tax-Loss-Harvesting
  • Asset Location
  • Charitable Giving
  • Roth Conversions & Contributions
  • Tax Bracket Management
  • Estate Tax Planning
  • Stock Options & Awards
  • Back Door Roth
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Upload a PDF of your tax return and we will give you a free tax analysis that can help answer your questions, such as:
- What is my tax rate?
- Should I be doing Roth Conversions?
- Do I qualify for Lifetime Learning Credit?
- Do I qualify for Student Loan Interest Deductions?
- Do I qualify for Child Tax Credit?
- How much will be paying for Medicare?
.....and so much more.
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We Offer Year-End,
Year-Round Tax
Planning Made For You

We Maximize Returns

Accurately project estimated tax payments, capital gains, and taxes for resident and nonresident states. Plan for tax implications all year resulting from marriage, Roth conversions, stock sales, and other events using Income Tax Planner. We have a proven track record of being first-to-market – you can rest assured that the latest tax law has been incorporated.

We Work Smart

Create accurate, professional, and effective plans that help your clients reduce tax liabilities and make wise decisions. Easily model and navigate complex tax scenarios. Use Capita Tax & Accounting’s renowned tax expertise, up-to-date calculations, in-depth analytics, projections, and more to plan the best course of action for your clients’ tax, investment, and retirement planning.

We Plan Fast

Turn up the productivity with strategic income tax planning. Capita Income Tax Planners does the heavy lifting for you with timesaving wizards and tools, along with automated calculations and analysis. Just specify the variables you want to model – capital gains, estate tax, farm income, retirement, phaseouts, and more – and get instant results and insight into which strategy is most tax advantageous for you.

We Plan Together

We help plan your financial future together. We take the time to understand your needs and use our expertise to create a strategy that will yield you the best return. Capita Tax Planners will allow you to confidently tackle complex tax planning scenarios, reduce liabilities, and present the most advantageous strategies, all while working with the latest federal and state tax law.
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