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Retirement transitioning and the guiding principles to make the right money decisions.
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Retirement Transition Guide

The Perfect Capstone

As you approach your retirement transition, you are confronted with immense complexity. How will you know if you are making the right money decisions? Capita Financial Network is your guide amid this retirement planning chaos. Capita Financial Network is not only your guide to right money decisions, we also help you thrive in this next chapter of your life. Today’s retirees can expect to live another 20 years and they can be the best years of your life, the perfect capstone.

Social Security

You have many choices with Social Security. Capita Financial Network wealth advisors are ready to build your top 3 filing strategies, your break-even ages, and your Social Security taxation. Let us know how we can help you on your path to retirement.

Health Care

Too many retirees with well-funded retirement plans convince themselves that they must wait until both spouses are 65 to retire for healthcare reasons. Capita believes that if you can understand the basic healthcare landscape, you will realize it shouldn’t hold you back from transitioning into retirement. Don’t wait too long to enjoy the best and healthiest years of your retirement.


You have a pension, congratulations! Only 4% of employers offer a pension. Pensions are an endangered species compared to the 1980’s when 60% of private sector workers had pensions.


The diversity of methods for retiree withdrawals is as vast as there are retirees. Unfortunately, the most common retiree withdrawal plan is simply not having one.


The greatest portfolio impact comes from investing…period. Choosing to invest-or in a retiree’s case, to remain invested-is the most important investment decision you will make. This article will help you feel more confident in your portfolio and less intimidated as you talk to investment professionals.

The only way to build confidence is to understand basic investment vocabulary. We’ll first review terminology. Second, we’ll discuss two important investment concepts. Lastly, we’ll cover Capita’s investment philosophy.


This is a retiree’s guide to taxes. You have more control over your taxable income in retirement than you did while working. You can minimize your retirement taxes by understanding these concepts and strategies. In many cases, you will need your financial advisor and accountant to guide you.


Estate planning maybe one of the least favorite subjects for most retirees. We’re all trying to avoid death, discussing it makes it feel too real.

However, estate planning can be fulfilling if centered on your values. Also, there are many aspects of estate planning that focus on life experiences rather than death.

Retirement Transitions

Setting a retirement date begins a significant change in our life and the psychosocial process surrounding that change commences. William Bridges calls this adjustment period to change, transitions. Understanding the stages of transitions helps us normalize our experience and improves our ability to move successfully into the future.


Science shows that having a life purpose not only increases the quality of life, but it can also increase the length of your life. People without a strong life purpose were more than twice as likely to die compared to those with a clear direction.


The best part of retirement is having free time and one of the best uses of free time is to learn. The choices of what to learn and how to learn have never been more plentiful. As William Shakespeare said in his play The Merry Wives of Windsor, “Why then the worlds’ mine oyster, which I with sword will open. ”Any pearl of wisdom you desire or can imagine is available to you today.


There is so much fun in retirement: playing with grandchildren, traveling, practicing hobbies, serving others, learning, and gardening to name a few. To do these activities, however, you need physical and emotional fuel, and the source of that fuel is self-care.


Social connections give support and pleasure, but did you know they also influence your health and longevity? Many studies have shown that satisfying relationships reduce health problems and extend our life, giving both quality and quantity to our later years.

Emotional Resilience

There is so much fun in retirement: playing with grandchildren, traveling, practicing hobbies, serving others, learning, and gardening to name a few. To do these activities, however, you need physical and emotional fuel, and the source of that fuel is self-care.

Communication & Boundaries

Money, and what we do with it, is closely connected to our identity, values, goals, and priorities. It’s why communicating about our money with those who are affected in any way by our financial actions is crucial. The benefit of this communication is shared understanding, reduced conflict, and peace-of-mind.

We Offer Year-End,
Year-Round Tax
Planning Made For You

We Maximize Returns

Accurately project estimated tax payments, capital gains, and taxes for resident and nonresident states. Plan for tax implications all year resulting from marriage, Roth conversions, stock sales, and other events using Income Tax Planner. We have a proven track record of being first-to-market – you can rest assured that the latest tax law has been incorporated.

We Work Smart

Create accurate, professional, and effective plans that help your clients reduce tax liabilities and make wise decisions. Easily model and navigate complex tax scenarios. Use Capita Tax & Accounting’s renowned tax expertise, up-to-date calculations, in-depth analytics, projections, and more to plan the best course of action for your clients’ tax, investment, and retirement planning.

We Plan Fast

Turn up the productivity with strategic income tax planning. Capita Income Tax Planners does the heavy lifting for you with timesaving wizards and tools, along with automated calculations and analysis. Just specify the variables you want to model – capital gains, estate tax, farm income, retirement, phaseouts, and more – and get instant results and insight into which strategy is most tax advantageous for you.

We Plan Together

We help plan your financial future together. We take the time to understand your needs and use our expertise to create a strategy that will yield you the best return. Capita Tax Planners will allow you to confidently tackle complex tax planning scenarios, reduce liabilities, and present the most advantageous strategies, all while working with the latest federal and state tax law.


There are a ton of financial planning resources available, but how many of those are applicable to both beginner and advanced financial learners? The Financial Call has the answers. We've built this podcast so no matter where you're at with your financial knowledge, you can jump in at the beginning, learn the basics and then build upon that.

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Essential Conversations for Retirees

There are financial topics that are essential for retirees to consider and communicate. While some topics can be uncomfortable, having these discussions now can prevent even more painful situations in the future