52 years old
Executive at a Major Corporation
$150k - $220k
Wife and 2 kids still at home
Paul has a high annual income and wants to know how to reduce his tax liability, retire at age 58, find outside investment opportunities beyond his company plans, and continue to donate to charities.

The Challenges

Losing free money?

Paul is not sure if he is optimizing all of his company sponsored plans or investments outside his company.


Because of Paul's high annual income, he is paying a lot of money in taxes each year.


Paul has accounts with various brokers and insurance agents.

Planning for the future?

Paul has been successful at developing his career, but has not spent as much time on his retirement planning.

The Capita Solution

o Optimizing Benefits:

- Maximize his 401(k) contributions
- Understand any executive based deferred compensation plans
- Maximize his HSA and use it as an investment account rather than a health spending account

o Giving Smarter:

Capita will build a charitable giving strategy to help Paul donate assets rather than cash to his chosen charities each year. This will involve setting up an after tax brokerage account and a donor advised fund.

o Invest Your Money:

Capita will help customize and manage a diversified investment plan that includes his 401(k), deferred compensation plan, outside brokerage accounts, and alternative investments. 

o Retirement Plan:

Capita will build a roadmap to help Paul pursue his goal of retiring at age 58. This plan will be centered around his desired lifestyle throughout retirement.

o Simplicity:

One of Capita's strengths is to provide Paul with simplicity in the process of opening, consolidating, and properly allocating accounts.

The Conclusion

Capita will focus on Paul’s personal plan so he can focus on developing his career. We will watch out for missed company benefits, tax-breaks, and investment opportunities. Capita will do the heavy lifting to help provide ease and simplicity in Paul’s busy life. 
Case studies are for illustrative purposes only and there is no assurance that the advisor will make any recommendations with the same or similar characteristics as any recommendations presented. The recommendations are presented for discussion purposes only and are not a reliable indicator of the performance or investment profile of any composite or client account. Further, the reader should not assume that any investment recommendations or that investment decisions we make in the future will be profitable.
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