63 years old
Registered Nurse
Works full time for a local hospital as a caregiver
401(k), company sponsored pension with monthly or lump sum options
Widow who remarried at age 60. She has 3 children who are grown and independent. 
Wants to retire at age 65, make the correct pension decision, and live comfortably throughout retirement.

The Challenges

Do I have enough money?

Susan is unsure if she will have enough money to retire comfortably.

Social Security & healthcare?

Susan is confused about healthcare options and how to maximize her social security benefits.

My pension option?

Susan does not know whether to choose from a monthly or lump sum option on her pension.

My 401(k) investments?

Susan would like to know if she is investing her 401(k) correctly. She has an insurance agent and 401(k) representative, but no one who is looking at all of her retirement details.

The Capita Solution

o Social Security:

Susan was a widow but remarried after the age of 60; because of this we will plan to take her Survivor Social Security Benefits from age 65 to 70 and then switch over to her Personal Social Security Benefits. By waiting, this will allow her personal benefit to grow while still receiving some Social Security income.

 o  Pension:  

Capita will build a pension analysis to help Susan decide on either the monthly or lump sum option. We will provide both the pros and cons as this decision is completely based on the individuals financial needs and circumstances. Once she decides we will then help her with the entire paperwork process.

o  Medicare:

Through Capita's network, we will assist with her transition to Medicare 90 days before she retires.


Capita will create an individualized investment portfolio to help Susan understand all of her 401(k) options.

o  Income:

Capita will build a plan for Susan's income and spending needs. The goal is to make sure that Susan does not outlive her money or run out of funds. This plan will be based on her general retirement income including proper asset allocation, Social Security benefits, pension, and 401(k).

o Taxes:

Capita will ensure that Susan is maximizing her current tax bracket. As she continues to work, we will encourage optimization of all company sponsored plans such as 401(k),403(b), and HSA.

o One-Stop Shop:

Here at Capita, Susan has a team that will help her before, during, and after retirement. We commit to be here for her every step of the way.

The Conclusion

Capita will ensure that Susan's transition into retirement is as simple as possible. Our advisors will help Susan every step of the way by creating a personalized retirement roadmap.
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