Mark & Rachel

43 and 41 years old
Owners of an E-commerce Business
Their business provides good annual income at this time but they are planning to sell it soon.
Have 3 kids at home
They want to sell their business, save on taxes, invest well, and donate in smarter ways.

The Challenges

Too little time?

Mark and Rachel are too busy running their business to focus any energy on their personal finances.


They pay a lot of taxes each year, and will owe a large amount when they sell their company.

Low investment returns?

They have neglected to grow outside assets and have a large amount of cash earning low interest.

The Capita Solution

o Taxes & Donating:

Capita will work with their CPA on year end tax projections. With guidance from their CPA, we will look for opportunities of strategic charitable donations by donating appreciated assets in kind and opportunities for tax loss harvesting inside of their brokerage account.

o Crossing T's & Dotting I's:

Capita will work with the attorney to ensure all assets are titled correctly and in the proper LLC, partnership, or trust.

o Diversified Investments:

Capita will help customize and manage a diversified portfolio that could include assets within public and private markets, stocks, bonds, real estate and alternative investments.

o Donation Account:

Capita will help Mark & Rachel build a donor advised fund to reduce capital gains and help enhance philanthropic efforts.

o Tax Strategizing:

Capita will build tax strategies during the sale of their business. This will help to ensure that they save on future estate and capital gain taxes.

o Highly-Efficient Investing:

Rather than owning mutual funds, Capita will buy individual securities inside of their brokerage accounts by using professional money manager direct investment models. Capita will look for opportunities to do tax loss harvesting and donations in kind.

The Conclusion

With Mark and Rachel's busy schedule, Capita will take the time to make sure nothing is falling through the cracks. We will build a comprehensive plan with the goal to decrease taxes, donate in smarter ways, and make prudent investment decisions. Our Capita team will monitor the sale of their business to help it transition as smooth as possible. 
Case studies are for illustrative purposes only and there is no assurance that the advisor will make any recommendations with the same or similar characteristics as any recommendations presented. The recommendations are presented for discussion purposes only and are not a reliable indicator of the performance or investment profile of any composite or client account. Further, the reader should not assume that any investment recommendations or that investment decisions we make in the future will be profitable.
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