Retirement Income

They Were Afraid to Retire

Zacc Call

They Were Afraid to Retire

Lester and Robyn have good Social Security benefits, Pension benefits and 2 million dollars saved for retirement, but they are still scared to retire! This episode uncovers the reason why this couple is still nervous to make the jump into retirement, despite their good financial position, and explores the options to plan for concerns. Learn how continuing to work may actually be hurting you rather than helping you!

Key Talking Points – Episode #27

  • Case Study of Lester and Robyn. Who are they?
  • Lester (63.9) works for $80k a year. Robyn (68.3) is retired and has some health concerns. Their biggest concern of retiring is healthcare.
  • Robyn’s SS: $1800/month at full retirement age, $2200/month right now, or she could wait until 70 for $2600/month
  • Lester’s SS: $2555/month at 66, right now it’s $2200/month
  • Robyn’s Spousal Benefit: $1300/month
  • Robyn’s Pension: $3000/month
  • Robyn works with Matt Gibson for Medicare.
  • Lester works with Chris Miller for private health insurance (not qualified for Medicare).
  • Option 1: Both take their own benefit : $4700/month
  • Option 2: Robyn could do Restricted Spousal Benefit and get half of Lester’s benefit and Lester could file for his own.
  • Option 3: Robyn could file for her own and Lester could wait until 70 and get almost $4000/month. Survivor benefit is greater.
  • Either Robyn or Lester would have to survive until late 90’s or 100’s to make Option 3 beat Option 2.
  • Option 2 beats Option 1 if either of the two lives until their early 70’s.
  • Lester’s SS benefit will be affected by his income if he keeps working. Robyn can file for the Restricted Spousal Benefit until Lester is retired. Thus, Option 2 is not possible unless Lester retires.
  • They are missing out on $45,000/yr of SS due to Lester’s $80,000/yr income.
  • Not all of SS income is taxed. A lot of pension is taxed, but Lester and Robyn’s tax situation will still be much better when retired.
  • The effects of income on healthcare costs are discussed.
  • Overall, Lester and Robyn could earn $89,000/yr during retirement.
  • What things are keeping you from retirement?
  • Is it a financial or emotional concern?
  • Zacc addresses some common concerns.

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