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Financial Fears Getting in the Way of Your Happiness?

Zacc Call

Financial Fears Getting in the Way of Your Happiness?

Sometimes the numbers don’t always tell you what’s best. Zacc tells the story of Brad & Katie and how their financial goals may be getting in the way of their overall happiness. Zacc lays out their options to both achieve their goals and be happy, but it may be different than what the numbers suggest. Listen to this episode to find out if your financial fears are keeping you from your happiness.

Key Talking Points – Episode #28

  • Brad and Katie case study.
  • Brad wants to do Roth Conversions, Katie wants to retire.  
  • Zacc discusses two options to make both goals possible for Katie and Brad.
  • It could cost a little bit more to have Katie retire now because of healthcare costs, but overall, it could make her happier.
  • Sometimes financial planning isn’t just about the numbers.
  • Estate Planning, Tax Planning, Cash Flow, goals, and personalities all go together and that is what financial planning is all about.

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