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The Fake Paycheck

Zacc Call

The Fake Paycheck

Last week's episode pushed you to think about how much you want to be saving towards retirement. This week’s episode discusses what type of investments you need and uncovers your tool to maintain your retirement savings goal. The Fake Paycheck is the lazy man’s way to budget. Listen to this episode to learn how you can set up your accounts so that the only thing you need to worry about is if your spending account is getting low or not.

Key Talking Points – Episode #31

  • Recently I recorded episode #30 about how the old advice to save as much as you can is sometimes wrong.  In my case, I think it is wrong.  I got quite emotional.  Told my story about my cancer and my wife’s brain tumor and how that changes everything about how I think about retirement savings.

Focused on Purposeful Cashflow

  • If you haven’t listened to that, you need to. Life is too short to make mistakes with your time and memories. That episode could change the way you think about your money.
  • In that episode, I mentioned that there are different resources available to understand how much you should save for retirement.  I mentioned the “How much should you save” chart.  Link on this podcast notes page. “The Fake Paycheck”
  • The Fake Paycheck is using a funnel account to gather all of your income. From the funnel account, the income is dispersed into different accounts such as retirement savings, emergency savings and a spending account by percentages or amounts.
  • The spending account is what is for all spending. If the spending account is running low, then you know that you are spending too much. If you have extra in the spending account, then you are spending less.
  • This is the lazy man’s method of budgeting. You can set up your accounts to automatically send money to each account.
  • Example of how it works.
  • Zacc explains more about what your saving should be like based on what type of spending you want in retirement and how aggressive your investments should be.

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