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Avery Ballantyne

Avery Ballantyne

Event Coordinator
Doodling with her kids
Movie Nights
Avery studied Family Science at UVU. After starting a family of her own, she alternated between mom duty and an internship at Bridle Up Hope - a horse ranch specializing in healing trauma in girls and women. After interning and working on their development team for some time, Avery was recruited to coordinate special, spiritual, once-in-a-lifetime events for a company called Halcyon. Avery recently joined Capita as the Event Coordinator. She is ecstatic to be a part of the Capita team. She loves golfing, movie nights and spending time with her husband and kids and making them laugh.
Terri received her PHD in Philosophy from the University of Utah. After working at Intermountain for nearly 30 years, she recently retired as the Director of Employee Wellness. Capita is excited to have her as our Wellness Consultant!

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